Sunday, February 20, 2011

Be Gangsta

 So I have been on an alternative energy kick and you can probably expect some more of that in the future, after all, it is a good idea.   But for now, here is something completely different.  So I found this photo of Gadhafi and mubarak at    
So if you are an African dictator it is a good idea to throw professionalism out the window at African dictator conferences and instead act like a pimp.  What do you think he is saying to Mubarak?  "Come to my room later for a burka optional party with killer Libyan weed man.  It'll be off the hook! If the Sphinx ever got high I bet it was weed from Libya."    

This is a real picture!  Can you believe this guy? Post up some captions if you think of something.  This just cracked me up.

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