Thursday, February 17, 2011

a breath of fresh tech

Respirating  solar panels.  That's a good idea.  'Yeah, well', you say, 'so is world peace and me being rich and good lookin' but it's just not gonna happen.'  You are probably right, but I think solar panels that respirate are just on this side of pipe dream.  Trees do it and we are at least 8% as smart as trees.  All you have to do is break apart CO2. BAM! Now you have diatomic oxygen, you know, that stuff we breath.  So I am thinking little tiny hammers. And if that doesn't work I think it could be done chemically or, now here's a good idea, biologically.  I'm thinking embedded diatoms, anaerobic bacteria, or algae.  You think anthrax would work?  What about the carbon you ask, free carbon paper, duh. Cause that's current.

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