Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Intelligent arguments

So if you haven't heard Rush Limbaugh has criticized Michelle Obama for not being lithe enough to justify her "Lets Move" initiative. You can read the article here. I just couldn't let this go.  All politics aside, I think Michelle Obama is a beautiful woman championing a popular and noble cause.  And who is Rush Limbaugh, of all people, to define feminine beauty or physical fitness for the rest of us.  He said, "She's no swimsuit model," uh, since when is that the standard of a healthy female figure.  I think Michelle looks far healthier than most swim suit models.  He also criticized her for what the first family ate at their super bowl party.  I think it is smart and responsible for her to not set unrealistic or over imposing standards for her initiative.  Everything in moderation is a healthy and reasonable approach, but I guess by now we shouldn't expect Rush to be associated with reason in any sense.  This is, after all, the man that cried for Draconian punishments for drug addicts while he was, in fact, a drug addict himself.  Even if I don't agree with what someone says I do respect an intelligent argument.  However, Rush seems to be a self loathing, sad, and angry individual who has run out of intelligent arguments. 

So my good idea of the day was originally going to be a collective "Shame on you Rush," but I have changed my mind.  He is a combative personality who thrives on conflict.  Not unlike a rebelling teenager trying to figure out their place and purpose in a changing world.  So, instead, I think ignoring him is best. Let him go off somewhere and rest in peace.  It must be hard to be on the losing side of a culture war and to have lost your relevance in an evolving world, and we should save him the stress by letting him fade into obscurity.  I realize that by writing this I am not following my own advice so how about we start............................NOW!

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