Friday, February 18, 2011

cumulative energy

So, being able to comfortably run around my yard naked in February (check it out on google earth) has me thinking a little bit about global warming and alternative energy.  You know, I am actually not to upset about the simple idea of global warming.  I miss my Hawaii home and a tropical world is actually rather appealing.  However, I think global warming is not the problem but the symptom.  Wholesale pollution, if unchecked, will eventually make our planet uninhabitable.  And it doesn't matter how strong the economy is if there is no planet.  The problem with changing the energy paradigm is, I feel, only psychological; it just seems so huge, so insurmountable a problem.  The answer is Cumulative Energy Systems.  Instead of putting in hectares upon hectares of solar fields and wind farms,  micronize (<--- according to spell check I just coined that word!)  generator technology and put it EVERYWHERE! Pressure is power right?  That is the premise of hydro electric power.  Lets utilize that in more places.  Have generators built in-line on our water towers, off shore oil pumps, and water processing plants, coupled with wind gens on our cell towers and sky scrapers.  Solar panels on our roofs  and micro-generators on our gutter down spouts.  I can feel you rolling your eyes and mumbling things like money, economy, manufacture, wah, wah, wah.  Sure, I get it, devil is in the details, I know. But how many ipods are made everyday? Cell phones? Kids toys? Game machines?  We can manufacture anything, given the will to do so.  And salesmen can sale anything if it provides something useful and pays a commission. One drop in a bucket again and again and before long you have a full bucket, and there are thousands of variations on this concept.  I'm not saying it would be easy, but it is a good idea. 

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