Friday, February 25, 2011

Vote for Auntie

You know what I think we should do?  I think we should take all the people that want to be politicians and send them off somewhere, or at least ban them from politics.  "Oh, that's stupid." you say.  "Who would run things and sit through boring meetings?  How do you run a democracy (or something resembling a democracy) without politicians.  It is a necessary evil." you say.  NOT SO!  Here is my good idea, lets take a page from the founders of 'The Great Republic,' Rome.  Go round out your wise old Uncle, feisty little Auntie, and eccentric college professor and make them run!  Find the good moral citizens in your community that actually represent you and elect the best of them to your public offices.  I think we should require every college graduate to serve in a civic position at least once in their life time.  Let's re-claim our country and community from the interests of the corporate oligarchy and entrust our society to our elders, our educated, and our moderate concerned citizens.  So go out this election season and
Vote for Auntie!

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